{MEGAN + PETE} – ENGAGEMENT SHOOT Raby Bay Beach, Redlands + Brisbane Wedding Photographers


Location – Raby Bay Beach

Megan + Pete’s love story: We love shooting engagements because we see the real you! How you make each other laugh, the cheeky smile you give him when you think we arent looking, or literally jumping into his arms!

We had many laughs with Pete and Megan and they forgot we were even there! A keen softball player, Megan took jumping into Petes arms as a challenge! Only fitting for such an energetic couple to end the session with a skittle fight….well with what skittles we had left after they ate handfuls when we had our backs turned!

The perfect end to this session was when they booked us on the spot for their wedding day in Byron Bay….Be sure to check out Pete & Megans  portfolio in the wedding section – Their wedding was simply stunning!!