Destination Wedding Photography

Many couples getting married often choose one of the many specialty wedding destinations outside of Brisbane, either just a few hours inland, on the coast, interstate or even overseas. The Studio 4 photography team are experienced wedding photographers with the dedication to follow you where ever your wedding destination may be. Having photographed our couples in most of Australia’s premier wedding locations we take the greatest pleasure in joining you in your journey weather your have have invited everyone you know, just a few close friends and family or possibly you are eloping and its just the two of you we will be there to support you the whole day.


Why book a Brisbane Wedding Photographer for your Destination Wedding

Of all the suppliers associated with weddings it is the wedding photography that is the most crucial, as they will be the ones forever capturing the magic and emotions of the day. The logistics of organising a destination wedding especially when it is in an exotic remote location can become quite a task and often requires the assistance of a coordinator at the location. With some locations providing a full inclusive package to cover all of your wedding supplier requirements. This is often a necessary part of booking a destination wedding but also means you may not get the greatest choice in what you receive. There are several key considerations to why you should book a Brisbane wedding photographer to travel with you to your wedding destination.

Trial and service – A Brisbane wedding photographer gives you the opportunity to have a pre-wedding portrait session and in depth discussions about you special day to ensure you have the best photographer working with you on the day.

Guaranteed quality – You will know the exact quality and service you will receive on the day and on destination our photographers will often put in extra hours to get the greatest advantage from the fabulous location.

Post wedding service – Where a local photographer will have a limited time to supply your images a Brisbane wedding photographer can still provide you with a full service photography package with the time to process them properly and work with you to provide all the product required with the ability to conveniently provide feedback and quality control once you arrive back home.

Travel expenses – With wedding photography being one of the most important aspects of your wedding the small additional fee of covering the photographers travel and accommodation it is a small price to ensure that your day is covered with the greatest skill and respect – You only have one opportunity!