Your engagement shoot should be a reflection of who you and your partner are and the relationship you have with each other. Each couple has their own style and these tips are merely guidelines, please know that some of these tips may not follow your personal style, it would be hard to follow them all to the letter so don’t stress about following them all….. we would rather you be you, however, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

1). We ask you to fill out the “love story” questionnaire so we can design your shoot before we meet you. Ie. Joe’s family business is painting, so we ran with the paint fight theme…we checked this before hand with them of course :P)

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 2.) Show off whatever side of yourselves you want to express. You can dress it up or keep it casual, that is completely up to you, however, choose clothing that is coordinated (not too matchy matchy) and consider your comfort. Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that move well.

3.)When selecting your outfit, choose a silhouette and a print that flatters you. Avoid clothing that you may fall out of during the session (especially thin singlet straps ladies). You don’t want anything that’s going to reveal too much, but you don’t want to get lost in an oversize blouse, either. Choose outfits that fit you well.

4.) Most of our sessions involve being playful outdoors, so we recommend letting your clothing choice work in with this. Patterns can look great amongst the greenery of a natural setting like Hilliard’s Creek one of our favorite local locations. If you would prefer your shoot to be on location, neutral colours look fantastic here, greys, white and soft blues for example.
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5.) With a simple background and neutral colours, a bright pair of heels or colourful bold piece of jewellery can really give your images some pop.

6.) You may be lifted by your partner during the session so think about the coverage of your outfit if he was to lift you. You don’t want to be wearing a minidress when he’s scooping you up, you want to feel comfortable and you want to feel like you. You don’t want to be falling out of your top if if he gives you a big squeeze. If jeans and boots are more your thing then that is fine. If you want to dress it up then don’t be shy about doing this. Don’t be afraid to take a bit of the spotlight from your partner. If your man opts for simple tones, go ahead and dress with a bit of color. The contrast will look beautiful on camera.


7.) ladies PLEASE consider your bra. please wear a strapless bra if wearing think straps! and consider the colour of undergarments in general with your dresses etc.

8). Please remember your nails ladies!! They do not need to be french manicured, but if you have nail polish on ensure there is no chips, or otherwise remove all polish completey and ensure they are clean. We do a lot of detail shots of your new bling!!

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9.) IMPORTANT! We do not do hair, so please make sure you have this ready to go when you arrive for your shoot. Also feel free to be a bit creative and bring along a flower wreath for example …we encourage anything!!

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10.) If you have a special 4 legged baby in your life, bring them along!!!!

VOSS Kate -5 VOSS Kate -3


Please do not be NERVOUS!! We have a lot of fun on location and LOVE hearing the great feedback from our couples after their shoot 😀